Rita Mátis interview

Reports and Interviews

Musical video about the paintings of the exhibition “Enchanted”. Recorded by Kapos TV.

Opening speech by Gyula Konkoly at Rita Mátis’s solo exhibition entitled “Enchanted” at the Vaszary Gallery in Kaposvár

Open Studios, Pécs Gallery, documentary 2021

Exhibition “Division of the Perceivable” by Rita Mátis and Endre Kis, Zsolnay Cultural District, m21 Gallery, 11 January-18 March 2018, Pécs Circle

17 January 2018. The video begins with an interview, which lasts 3 minutes 25 seconds.

Documentary on the exhibition after Rome 16 April 2021

Pannon TV interview, Colour Power IX Figurative – Zsolnay District, m21 Gallery

28 January 2019

Kapospont interview with Rita Mátis

15 February 2017 Interview in the Culture Magazine “Genius” about the exhibition held in the KB Gallery of Kaposvár University. The interview is from 07 min to 12 min 43 sec.

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